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    The importance of upskilling your staff with project management

    Continuing professional development (CPD) has never been more important and relevant in today’s economy. Companies that are able to keep up with changes (particularly when it comes to technology) are better able to sustain a competitive advantage over others.

    Upskilling employees, particularly in project management, could make all the difference when it comes to retaining key staff and delivering projects and initiatives that are successful and profitable for your company.


    The importance of staff development

    But first, why exactly is it a good idea to invest in staff development? The benefits of setting up staff development programs can include:

    • Saving on cost
      Many companies find that it’s much less expensive to upskill current employees than looking for

      new hires. Your business could save on high recruitment fees, the cost of advertising new positions and additional wage payouts by simply taking an internal approach to fill skill gaps.

    • Increasing staff retention

      These days, employees face a lot more choice in the job marketplace. Staff who show high potential won’t hang around and might hop to a competitor if they don’t feel they are being valued or challenged enough in their current position or role. 


      Employee training schemes are often key to retaining staff who would otherwise consider switching to a role or fulfilling career change with another organising.

    • Improving your bottom line

      While training your employees is an investment, it’s one that’s sure to pay off in the long run. In this particular, technology-hyped and consumer savvy climate, upskilling your staff on a periodic basis, so they can keep up technology and market trends, is a sensible investment. 

    Why upskill staff in project management?

    While there is an increased need for employees with specific, core technical skills to deliver projects, there is equally a growing demand for professionals with the soft skills to coordinate these efforts. Therefore, upskilling existing staff to become project managers is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of internal staff development.


    Project management can make all the difference between a project that is successful (and profitable) and one that flounders. Project managers who are skilled at making the right decisions and helping organisations overcome challenges can have a direct impact on the profitability and ROI of a project. 


    Are you looking for better ROI and higher impact?

    Then it’s time to get serious about investing in your most vital asset - your employees.


    Our courses in project management are specifically designed to produce highly-skilled and adaptable project managers. We’ve partnered with industry-leading bodies including PMI, Prince2, APMG and SixSigma to provide the most in-demand qualifications for project management applicable to a wide range of industries from construction and engineering to telecommunications and digital media.


    Some of the most common pitfalls companies run into when engaging on a project include scope creep, managing risks (e.g. rapidly escalating costs) and balancing expectations around deadlines.  Poor communication can also quickly derail a project’s progress.  Having someone highly trained and skilled in the art and science of project management can help mitigate these challenges and keep projects on course.  Our courses cater to all of the above needs companies face in today’s agile and rapidly evolving work environment.


    The advantage of training existing staff members to become project managers is that you’ve already got professionals who are familiar with your products, services and technology. If they’ve worked closely with your customers, that’s an even bigger plus.  With the right training track and toolset, they could be pivotal to making key decisions on your next project.


    Contact us today to find out how a course with our industry-leading partners could help shape up your team.

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