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    Tech is the perfect industry to enter at any stage of your career

    No matter your age, career path or qualifications, it’s never too late to make a change. So many of us stick at jobs we no longer love, because the alternative seems too risky.

    Feeling like you want a career change doesn’t mean that you’re setting yourself up for months of uncertainty and interning into your 40’s. The average person actually changes career 5-7 times in their lifetime, with 30% of the workforce changing jobs annually.

    See? You’re not alone in feeling the itch that it’s time to move on. But, where to?

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    The growing tech sector

    Despite a poor 2018, the Australian tech sector has hit 2019 like a wrecking ball. Companies such as Appen report a 120% revenue increase. Smaller companies are feeling the buzz too; Afterpay reported a 70% jump and WiseTech are experiencing a healthy 20% increase.

    The sector is experiencing huge growth globally, with the advent of IoT, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

    A recent whitepaper from the Department of Education and Training shows that approximately 5,500 Australians graduated with ICT degrees in 2016. The demand for digital skills is ever increasing as businesses across all industries embrace digital systems and services. It would seem that there is, in fact, no better time to switch to a career in tech.

    Fill the skills gap

    Alongside this massive digital boom, there is a skills shortage. With technology influencing our everyday lives in ever increasing ways, it’s hard for the industry to keep up with the demand for skilled individuals. In Australia in particular, there are shortages in:


    By capitalising on this skill shortage, it may be much easier than you think to change careers. If you can see a gap in an industry that you’d love to work in, perhaps now is the time to make the leap.

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    Training in tech

    So, how can you change careers? Concerned that you haven’t got any experience? Don’t worry. There’s a skills shortage because everyone is lacking in the right experience. Most of these industries are so new that it’s almost impossible you have experience anyway. You simply need to give yourself a head start on the competition by upskilling.

    With industry leading courses that are trusted by Visa, Mastercard and Microsoft, we know a thing or two about giving your career a rocket boost. We know that you can’t just bail out of your 9-5 to start studying all over again. That’s why, like 5.8 million other students, you’ll be studying online. You can upskill in your chosen field at a time that suits you, at your own pace.

    The Australian government is also vouching for flexible learning. A recent government study suggested that individuals need to shift their thinking from having a ‘career for life’, to maintaining the skills needed to adapt to changing opportunities. It went on to say that Australia needs to establish a culture of lifelong learning that provides us with access to flexible learning options.

    Let’s break it down. You’re looking at moving into a growing sector, where you’ll almost certainly get a guaranteed role, whilst getting supported by your government and endorsed by a global training provider. Now, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

    If this has got the cogs turning and the thought of Monday has become less palatable than ever, get in touch with one of our career consultants, who’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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