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    Steps you can take to build a career in tech

    Whether you’re already working in the world of tech or currently an outsider, the development of global technology dictates that we’ll all need to upskill and diversify in the not so distant future.

    We’re living in a tech revolution. The birth and growth of the internet and home computing means that the world’s population is now more connected than ever. This in turn opens an array of genuinely exciting opportunities for employment, whether it’s within business, non-profit, education, healthcare, science or the arts. Technology is not sector specific; it’s all encompassing, allowing a wide range of skill sets to engage and thrive in many different areas.        

    Learning People have been providing people with ‘tech-pertise’ for over a decade, helping students with their initial career mapping, associated training programs and continued professional development, which facilitates either the jump or side-step within the tech industry. 


    What steps should I take if I want a career in tech?    

    What are you good at and what do you enjoy?  This may sound cliché, but we all excel in what we truly love. Are you someone that has an eye for detail, or do you naturally see the most viable and efficient path to a desired outcome?     

    Perhaps you come alive when solving problems, or thrive as part of a multidisciplinary team? These are just some successful examples of the soft skills that are perfect for a career in tech and this is where we start with your career consultation.  

    We get to know your background, current status and future career goals to establish a clear picture of where you’re at and how we can most effectively get you to where you should be. 

    Am I too old to change careers?

    Like it or not, humans are living longer than ever and this in turn means a longer working life. The majority of Learning People career changers are 40-50 years of age. With advanced years comes advanced social and emotional experience, not having to ‘prove yourself’ beyond the veil of youth can often be an easy win.

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    Is it too late for me to change careers?

    The most in demand and most important tech careers have both short and long-term growth. They also align with digital transformation trends. Digital Transformation is the use of digital technology to solve traditional problems. These digital solutions enable inherently new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods. 

    Data Management, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Infrastructure and Software are the most significant jobs for now and the future expecting a 36% global increase in demand by 2027. 

    Why should I enter the tech industry?

    If you're looking for:

    • Financial stability.
    • A more more meaningful and fulfilling day to day work existence.
    • The opportunity to help people and provide solutions that only a small handful of trained professionals can deliver.
    • A job that you love in a thriving industry.


    The truth of the matter is, that regardless of your current job role, you’re probably interacting with and relying on tech daily, so why not embrace and engage and then reap the rewards that ensue.      

    Take the first step to your career in tech and contact one of our career consultant specialists today.

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