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    Latest news: Australian IT job market is booming

    While technological and social change is leading to a current contraction in many other job markets, it is quite the opposite situation in IT, making it the perfect time to future-proof your career with specialised, career ready training.

    The good news is that we are an international organisation that really understands this, offering a range of Australian-based tech courses.


    IT dominates lists predicting jobs in demand for the future 

    A recent article on Seek listed two specialised IT jobs among six predicted careers predicted to be in high future demand, placing data specialists and front-end web developers ahead of the pack. With data collection now a component of everything we do online, those with the skills to analyse this information and make it useful will be invaluable.

    Meanwhile, the need for skilled web developers will continue to grow with businesses and individuals in the public space needing a website to be noticed, and a good website in order to stand out. Similarly, a list from CareerFAQs ranked Data Analysts and IT Professionals at numbers one and two for future job growth, based on the findings of the Future of Jobs Report from the World Economic Forum.

    High job satisfaction

    And there’s more good news for IT specialists if you also want to be in a job you actually enjoy. In 2016, CareerFAQs published a list of the happiest jobs, based on research by CareerBliss, with tech jobs making up seven of the top ten occupations.

    So, if you are working in IT you are very likely to find yourself both in demand and enjoying your career.

    Current job demand in Australia

    The good news for Australians is that the demand in the IT job market is happening right here as much as anywhere else in the world, right now. According to Business Insider Australia, IT jobs are in such strong demand here; there is currently a rapid movement in the market as those with this sought-after skill set switch roles.

    This is primarily driven by the ample opportunity for career advancement as new roles open up. The article goes on to cite reports predicting a growth of more than 20% in Australian IT jobs from 2014 to 2020. This is all as traditional career markets are shrinking, while many jobs become redundant and are replaced by technological advances.

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    Expand your IT skillset

    Specialised training is more important than ever. Now is the perfect time to get yourself skilled in IT, to catch that wave before the rest of Australia catches on. It also means that without such training, the rest of your hard earned experience could become irrelevant in the job market of the future, as even outside of specialist tech careers, the majority of careers will require the use of such skills. Career ready training is, therefore, a must.

    Thankfully, our career consultants are here to help, offering a wide range of accredited IT Courses developed for the Australian context to skill you up and put you in the driving seat for your career future.

    There are many flexible offerings available, so take that all important step to find the course to meet your future needs. Realise the requisite skills and qualifications to make your resume really stand out in the booming IT job market.

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