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    How to change careers with no experience in your desired role

    It’s a familiar feeling. Scrolling through the job pages and sighing to yourself when you realise that you don’t have any of the desired qualifications for that juicy role you’ve got your eye on.

    For so many of us, we get ‘stuck’ in a role that we’ve done for years and become utterly convinced that we can’t go anywhere else. If you’re dreading Mondays, daydream all the time and can’t cope with a staff social, it’s probably time to move on. In Australia today, the average person stays in a career or role for just over 3 years. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out a fresh challenge, in fact, it could be the making of you.

    Simply follow these five steps and watch yourself blossom from bored bartender to proud project manager or regretful recruiter to confident coder.

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    Learn on the go

    You don’t have to sit in a classroom to advance your skillset. 5.8 million student are now opting to learn online, and you could be next. If you’re eyeing up your next role and you'd like to upskill in that area before applying for the role, then you can learn flexibly around your current job responsibilities. There’s no need to limit your cash flow or sacrifice your social life. Fit lessons and coursework around your lifestyle and complete the training in your own time.


    Show off your transferrable skills

    The likelihood is, even if you don’t have the desired qualifications, you probably have transferrable skills that could get your foot in the door. Have you had management experience? Proficient at working in teams and delegating tasks? What kind of companies have you worked for that might be in similar industries? Have you used CRM systems, Microsoft or Adobe programs?

    Relate your experience to the job description. If they’re looking for a ‘self-starter’, give examples of time when you’ve taken the initiative or have been given a lot of responsibility. If they want a ‘critical thinker’, expand on instances when you’ve had to solve a problem under pressure.

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    Become a qualified professional

    As mentioned earlier, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to train yourself into a completely new direction. However, there is another incredible bonus. By illustrating to a future employer that you have the dedication and tenacity to enrol in an extracurricular course, you’re displaying your commitment to this career change. Showing how much you really want this role is a sure fire way to impress. Plus, once you’ve completed one course and opened up your potential, there’s no stopping you from continuing to broaden your skillset.

    Get a little experience

    With our courses, you’re not just getting a professional and industry recognised certification, you’re gaining valuable experience in the field in which you want to progress your career. You can even top it up with freelancing or volunteering, to give you CV that extra oomph.

    Think positive

    A ‘growth mindset’, as it’s called, is said to lead to higher achievement. So, what is it? A growth mindset allows you to appreciate and understand that your intelligence level is not set at birth. You are sure that you are able to enhance your abilities and achieve greater and greater things. Upskilling is very much a product of the growth mindset generation, where consistent lifelong learning is the key to success. Don’t get left behind and make use of your talents. 


    Online professional certifications
    are the quickest and easiest way to kick start your career in the direction you want to go in. With dedicated tutors, a cohort of fellow students and a plethora of online resources, you can reinvent your career in no time. 

    So whether you want to get techy in IT, futuristic coding or a leap into project management, keep hold of your newly established growth mindset and get ready to flourish.

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