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    Full guide to our professional project management certifications

    As a business, encouraging continued education and the development of your staffs' skills is key to getting ahead in your industry.  

    Updated on: 19th February 2020

    Online learning makes upskilling staff on a consistent basis much easier and more cost-effective than before, offering businesses a real opportunity to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging trends, technologies and business methodologies. Not to mention, self-paced courses and online training can be a real benefit when it comes to retaining top talent and increasing employee drive and motivation at work.

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    One key area your organisation may be experiencing a skills gap in is project management. Indeed, finding employees with the right technical background and exposure to valuable processes, methodologies and experience is a challenge in today’s workforce. Those who are master communicators are even more valuable, particularly where they can bridge the gap between new technologies and stakeholders looking to benefit from these.

    If you’re keen to invest in a certification but aren’t sure which one you should utilise to upskill your staff in project management, we’ve put together an overview some of the industry-leading courses we offer. Here’s how they could benefit your organisation.

    Which project management certification is right for my organisation?


    Offering a range of specialisations from agile practitioners to professional and associate PM courses, The Project Management Institute sets a global standard for project management training. Got recent graduates eager to step into the PM career path? Their CAPM course provides a solid foundation and grounding in base-level project management skills. 

    Already have seasoned project managers who are looking to polish their skillsets? Then the Project Management Professional course is great for cementing their experience. For those who may have recently adopted agile practices in their organisation, the Agile Certified Practitioner course can help your employees catch up within this emerging area.


    Offering a diverse roster of certification schemes supported by UKAS accreditation, APMG has been providing exams and courses since 1992. They’re training is particularly well suited to businesses in the IT and Cyber Security space. If your organisation is currently experiencing the challenges of rapidly adopting new technologies, your staff will benefit from taking the Change Management Practitioner exam. The Change Management Foundation is also a great starting point for those team members directly involved with digital transformation. 


    If your company has strong ties with the UK, then Prince2 could be perfect for you. This certification body has been around since 1989 and has set the standard for PM training across the UK in both the public and private sector. Their collection of courses covers everything from introductory and full practitioner courses as well as agile methodologies. If your business is looking to benefit from better organisational structuring practices, product-based planning, spending justification or a more agile PM approach, then Prince2 could offer the right solution for helping your employees improve their skillsets.

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    Six Sigma

    Any business who wants to enhance their data-driven efforts and maintain specific quality standards throughout their product offering should seriously look at implementing the Six Sigma approach. From the Yellow Belt for entry-level employees to their Green and Black Belts for those looking to up their Six Sigma game, Six Sigma trains staff at every organisational level in quality management. For those looking to improve ROI while building a better workplace and community around their products, Six Sigma can help you differentiate in a competitive business environment and help you attract the right kind of talent.  


    Looking to improve your organisational structure, operations and supply chains? As a member of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations, the International Institute of Business Analysis can provide standardisation and professionalisation in enterprise architecture. Their Certified Business Analysis Professional course can improve competence in business analysis so your organisation can benefit from better processes and decision making.


    Finally, ITIL can equip employees with the knowledge and skills to implement scalable, tailored project management. Their Foundation course offers training in best practice and alignment of IT and business strategy based on a toolkit and project management concepts geared towards the IT industry. This certification aims to lower costs, redefine roles and improve communication and change management in your IT department or IT products and services. 

    Next steps

    Now that you have a solid overview of the courses we provide, why not take the first step towards improving your business and driving better results?  With over 25,000 students globally, award winning StudentCareTM, tech career expertise and partnerships with the world’s most respected accreditors we can help set you and your employees up for success. Get in touch and empower your employees to lead the way today.

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